Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Always show Acrobat page thumbnail sidebar

I shifted to Adobe Acrobat 2017 this year, and use the thumbnail view often for navigating within documents, for reordering pages, or for deleting pages. 

Unfortunately I have not been able to get the thumbnail sidebar show permanently, so its non-appearance and my lack of ability to find where I could permanently turn it on anywhere has driven me batty. 

I had a convoluted fix where I went through the properties in the document. For this I opened the thumbnail view via Properties | Initial View | Layout and Magnification | Navigation tab | and changed the setting from "Pages" to "Pages Panel and Page" (using the dropdown list). Then I would save the document, and then, when reopening it, the sidebar would usually appear.

However, there is a much easier way, thanks to vb64589654 (31 March 2016). This is to simply use F4 to toggle the "Pages Panel" (aka Thumbnail Pane) on or off.

In addition - and note that this is unlikely to make the change permanent - you can also try the following steps:

  1. Click Edit | Preferences | Documents | Tick "Restore last view settings when reopening documents". 
  2. Then click OK. 
  3. Save the current file that you used F4 on to get the thumbnail view.

Good luck!


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