As a professional member of the Career Development Association of New Zealand, with nearly twenty years of experience in career consultancy, I take a client-centred approach to meet each client's unique requirements and provide tailored solutions to those needs.

My business also offers a range of services targeted to meet the requirements of businesses seeking new staff, organisations wanting to define roles and assisting individuals wanting to reposition themselves in the employment market

Career Development Consultancy

Are you at a cross-roads? Can't see a clear way ahead? Or are you in a position where you can't make a decision between two equally attractive choices? Call me to discuss how you can make a decision or clarify what will work for you and your family. I use a range of techniques including personality analysis, self-reflection, interests, skills, card sorts, reading, drawing and story-telling to help you find your way.

Vocational Assessments

Do you need to find out what you or your staff are capable of?

I will focus on each person and identify their individual strengths, skills and job preferences, then develop and prepare a detailed vocational assessment for use in career planning, outsourcing, job descriptions or role redefinition.

Job Description Preparation

A job description lays out the main purpose and key duties of a particular job.

To prepare this type of document, the required workload is analysed and priorities are determined with weightings and KPIs. Specific authorities are documented. Then that information is written into easy to read document linked to employment contracts and your organisational performance review system.

For effective employee management, job description review should be done regularly; for performance monitoring, as roles evolve and as personnel move within and without the organisation.

When recruiting, job description review will ensure that you have objective selection criteria that you can measure your candidates against, to evaluate their individual performance and rank them.

If you need help in preparing job descriptions to ensure you get the right person in a position that you need to fill, or if you need help in redefining a role, contact me.

CV & Application Assistance

Have you just seen your perfect job? Do you want that interview? Does your CV "sell" you to your future employer? You may only get one chance, so you need to sell yourself well.

I bring a wealth of experience to compiling targeted CVs. Working closely with you, I will draw out your transferable skills from your work history to match, as closely as we can, the job description for your dream job.

Your new CV will be a current summary of your work experience, skills and education, specific for each application, to ensure that you have the best opportunity to showcase what you can do for your prospective employer. It will be a valuable "sales document" to give you that competitive edge to obtain that elusive interview.

If you want to change direction, contact me to prepare curriculum vitae, resumes and application letters at accentuate the positive.