Strategic planning allows you to organise what your business does today, in order to reach your desired future. Your strategic plan is your road map to lead your organisation from where it is now to where you want it to be in five or ten years.

Strategic planning is a key tool for both governance and management. It is essential in every business. Why? Because if you don't know where you are going, you will not know when you have got there.

Remember: If you do what you always have done, then you will get what you have always got.

In tough times, that is not where you want to be.

The Process

  1. Through talking to you, we will determine what your business needs are and what your desired future focus is. Together we will chunk those goals into strategic objectives.
  2. To develop your strategic plan, I use a range of tools - SWOT Analyses, Porter's Competitive Forces Analyses, Profiling, Needs Analyses, Business Plans - and work with your accountant to develop forecasts to help your business stay on track financially. 
  3. I work with you to set up a simple, one page summary strategic plan for you to work to for this year, for the next couple of years, and for the long term - in as much detail as your business requires.
  4. I also work with you to prepare a business plan that contains all the annual actions needed to achieve your strategic objectives, and your monthly check points to ensure you stay on course.
  5. All aspects of your strategic, marketing and business plans lock together with your forecasts to help you monitor progress and make adjustments.
  6. I can help you monitor progress through the year, and run a strategic planning session once a year to keep your business on course.


One thing we often forget to work on - until a crisis - is ensuring that we keep critical knowledge of policy, procedures and practices within an organisation.

So why might you want to record what your staff do in your organisation? As our businesses grow, we add more layers of complexity and speciality to our businesses, and are no longer able to undertake all the roles ourselves. Staff turnover is a big driver - as a nation we change roles around every three years. Unless you have the warning and the revenue for a good handover, your new employee will have to waste a lot of time discovering HOW to do various tasks in their new role when your existing staff member leaves.

When you have a staff change and are inducting new staff, are you sure that your organisational culture is being accurately conveyed to new staff? While you 'know' how your business is supposed to operate, are you sure that your staff are in tune with you? Having policies for staff to refer to will help them all make the right decisions, in line with your organisational values.

Often a crisis will be sudden - a key staff member unable to work for a period of time. Ask yourself how much time - and stress - it would take someone else in your organisation to learn that key role... and who could pick up their job while they did that? Are the procedures for all your positions documented so that anyone in your team could do the work if they had to?

It can be the simple things - absolute basics such as reconciling expense claims, updating the client database or changing the divert on the phone system - that will take a large amount of resource in a tight timeframe to correct. If that knowledge rests in someone's head, you need to think about getting it out of a brain and into a file - where it can be accessed when you need it.

Strategic Marketing & PR

In working through your strategic planning process, there will be strategic marketing objectives that you need to achieve, in order to achieve your strategic plan objectives.
I can either work with your existing marketers and marketing collateral providers to tweak your marketing efforts in line with your strategic plan, or I can help you find providers who will meet your needs well.

With marketing, often we aren't sure how effective it has been. It is very easy to repeat past marketing programmes without testing for effectiveness; once more "If you do what you always have done, then you will get what you have always got". I will take a strategic look at your existing marketing plan and test it for fit with your strategic plan to ensure you have a seamless programme.

Other aspects of marketing that are often forgotten is determining your target market, profiling your client base, choosing your communication channels to better suit your client profiles, and cohesive branding.

Branding in particular can often get very disconnected when you have a range of providers. I can work with you to develop brand guidelines for all your marketing collateral providers.