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Newsletter Issue 74, January 2004

Sam Young Newsletter

Issue 74, January 2004
Hi guys,
Fancy yourself as a market researcher? Then read on in So You Wanna Be A Research Star? below. Then we look at what training courses the NZ Institute of Management is putting on in Nelson this coming year in NZIM 2004 Training in Nelson
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So You Wanna Be A Research Star?

There are a load of companies around the world who need your input; market research companies, surveyors and then there are a weird bunch who look for business trends, such as
The Amsterdam-based ecompany, Springwise, is a 'new business' intelligence firm, publishing reports and newsletters dedicated to new business ideas and business opportunities on a global scale. To ensure true 'glocal' coverage, the central office in Amsterdam liaises with partners in New York and London, and stays in close contact with the Springspotter Network - 1000+ idea spotters in more than 50 countries worldwide, from China to Canada, South Korea to South Africa, and from Belgium to Brazil. 
While Springwise scans every major international and US business publication looking for new 'business to consumer' (B2C) trends and marketing ideas, the Springspotter Network seeks B2C ideas and concepts that are already up and running in smaller national or local areas, which haven't expanded to the rest of the world as yet.
Members of the Springspotter Network are paid a small amount for submitting research items. The key requirement to being a Springspotter is a healthy dose of curiosity and business nous, and best of all, they get compensated for their curiosity.
You too can contribute to Springwise's content services, simply by emailing them on whenever you spot an interesting new business idea. If you are interested in finding out more about becoming part of the Springspotter network, check out the Springwise website at and mention my name in the ‘how did you find out about Springspotters’ section of the sign-up form.

NZIM 2004 Training in Nelson

The New Zealand Institute of Management (NZIM) will be bringing a number of one-day training programmes to Nelson during 2004 that may be of interest and great value to yourself, your team or one of your colleagues.
Those one day NZIM programmes are: 
  1. Time and Workload Management. 17 March 2004, 9am - 4pm. This programme will provide you with a range of tools and techniques to manage time and put you in control of your burgeoning workload
  2. Dealing with Difficult People. 8 May 2004, 9am - 4pm. This programme will help you to keep your cool and preserve your self-respect in the face of rude, aggressive, uncompromising or one of the many other types of difficult people we sometimes have to deal with
  3. Finance and Budgeting. 5 August 2004, 9am - 4pm. This programme will help you understand the financial statements of any organisation. It will cover accrual accounting; the difference between capital and operating expenditure; GST; the role of budgets and ways of measuring and improving financial performance to achieve the organisation's objectives
  4. Leadership Skills. 8 November 2004, 9am - 4pm. This programme will provide you with the practical skills necessary to elicit top performance from the people for whom you are responsible. It will provide you with the grounding needed to become an effective leader
Cost per One Day Course 
NZIM & Chamber Members $337 (incl GST) or non-Members $449 (incl GST) 
For more information or registration details, please contact Angeline White at NZIM Central Division on 0800 373 700 or fax 04 495 8301. 
If you plan on attending a couple of NZIM courses, for those of you who are not Chamber members already, pull your finger out and add your business voice to the wealth of members in the area. The Nelson-Tasman Chamber of Commerce - or Commerce Nelson - leads business best practice in the region, advocates on your behalf, recognises and celebrates business success, provides excellent networking opportunities, international certifications and contacts, and give you all the local business news through Commerce Comment. All for a very minimal fee. 
Contact Sarah-Jane on or phone on 03 548 1363.

Recipient List Suppressed

Hiding your mailing list - using the bcc field - when emailing jokes or whatever is a great idea. It protects the privacy of those to whom you are emailing, and also makes the email header much shorter on the messages when they are received (and the text header when the email is replied to or forwarded!).
But. Anti-spam filters are now programmed to assume that emails addressed in the "To" field as "Undisclosed recipients", "valued customers" or "Recipient List Suppressed", are spam. They also look for emails having the sender's (your own) email address or a spurious email address and assume that they are spam as well.
So. To avoid activating these over-sensitive spam triggers, the easiest thing to do is to change your suppressed list title, and actually use one person's (who doesn't mind their actual email address being used) real email address.
You can either;
Send the email out to that person directly, or you can set up a "dummy" contact by putting in their email address with an innocuous changed name like "Sent mail". Avoid phrases that anti-spam filters may look for and use an name that you will remember easily for your list! Some examples; "Distribution List", "My joke buddies", "Friends, Romans & Countrymen", "Circulated" or "John Doe".
Then your emails won't get filtered out and your friends will actually receive that great cartoon!
And if you can't remember how to set up Outlook for bcc, refer to issue #69 or issue #50.

TLAs for SMEs

Here are this newsletter's TLAs for you;
  • B2C, Business to Consumer. This is usually a marketing term, but can equally mean information flows or value chain.
  • IDE, Integrated Drive Electronics. The standard electronic interface used between a computer motherboard's data paths (or bus) and the computer's disk storage devices. Most computers sold today use an enhanced version of IDE called Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics (EIDE)

Please feel free to email me with any TLAs that you want to get the bottom (meaning!) of.

Short+Hot Keys... and now tips
All the Function keys for you again, this time working with embedded charts in Excel;
To select an embedded chart, first ensure drawing toolbar is turned on (go to Tools | Customise | Toolbars | tick "Drawing", or right click on the menu bar and tick "Drawing")
  1. F10 Activate the menu bar 
  2. CTRL & TAB or CTRL & SHIFT & TAB Select the Drawing toolbar 
  3. RIGHT ARROW Select the Select Objects button on the Drawing toolbar 
  4. CTRL & ENTER Select the first object 
  5. TAB or SHIFT & TAB Cycle forward or backward through the objects until sizing handles appear on the embedded chart you want to select 
  6. CTRL & ENTER Make the chart active
Hot Linx
Want some comparative stats on countries to support a paper or proposal? Then this is the site for you at & very frightening to look at NZ's 3rd place for teenage births at
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