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Newsletter Issue 93, March 2005

Sam Young Newsletter

Issue 93, March 2005
Hi guys,
In 2005 there are a number of NZIM Courses Coming to Nelson. See below for details
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AntiSpyware Free With Internet Explorer

In the last newsletter we talked about the adware epidemic. Interestingly, Microsoft plans to release a new version of Internet Explorer (IE) to better protect users from scams and malicious code while surfing the web, by June 2005. This product will come bundled with recently taken-over Giant AntiSpyware; remarkably, at no cost.
Microsoft has responded to the huge surge in recent online scams involving spyware by deciding not to charge for the - now - Microsoft AntiSpyware product. Bill Gates said "We have looked hard at the nature of this problem and have made the decision that this antispyware product will be available at no additional cost to Windows users. I am very excited that we have this technology and it really addresses a burning need."
Microsoft AntiSpyware will be free to private PC users, with corporate users able to purchase a for-pay antispyware product to support enterprise needs at some stage later this year or in 2006. The second beta version of the consumer Windows AntiSpyware product is scheduled to be available by June this year.
With the increasing phishing threats and perhaps competitive pressure, Microsoft has changed its plans for IE. "We have decided to do a new version of Internet Explorer... [to] add new levels of security," Gates said. The first IE 7 beta is due mid-2005, aiming to have security enhancements that protect customers against phishing and other malware.
Phishing scams are now a common online attack, where spammers send email messages to dupe recipients into visiting bogus web pages - which look like legitimate websites - to steal sensitive information such as user names, passwords and credit card numbers.
IE is included with Windows and is used by most web users, but it has a poor security reputation. Other browsers such as Firefox, Netscape and Deepnet Explorer are exploiting that reputation to steal market share. America Online plans to release the first public test version of a new Netscape browser that offers phishing protection.
It will be interesting to see whether Microsoft can match Netscape's offer - and we should know by June. I will keep you posted on progress.

NZIM Courses Coming to Nelson

For any of you who are wanting to attend NZIM courses in Nelson in 2005, their programme is as follows:
  • Business Writing Skills, 30 March 2005. This course aims at providing attendees with the basic knowledge and skills needed to write effective business correspondence; for those who wish to learn or revise the fundamentals of business writing, help prevent or reverse those bad habits of the email and texting era, and ensure correspondence is an ambassador of excellence for themselves and their organisation.
  • High Performing Teams, 27 June 2005. This course aims at providing formal training in basic, practical teamworking skills and to explore some of the theory on which this is built. It is intended for (a) managers who are wanting to improve their leadership capability (b) non-managers who want to improve their capacity to work in a team environment and (c) Others who want to explore their potential as a team member.
  • Introduction to Project Management, 1 September 2005. Project Management was formerly confined to engineering, construction and defence industries. Now the discipline is relevant to all public and private organisations that have goals to accomplish. It is an essential competency for those organisations interested in progress and change management. This course aims to provide attendees with the specific knowledge and skills needed to be an effective project manager, whether they are new to or are currently involved in managing projects.
  • High Impact Presentations, 16 November 2005. This course aims at dealing with difficult questions, cynical or hostile audiences in an empathic but assured and professional manner; and is practice-based and highly interactive. It provides attendees with many safe and nonthreatening opportunities to develop their personal delivery style.
All are full-day courses and cost $299 (+GST) for NZIM/Chamber of Commerce members and $399 (+GST) for non-members. Email Sarah-Jane Fairbairn at Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce on or Ingrid Harvey at NZIM on to book

The Other Face of Excel Toolbar Buttons

While most toolbar buttons do exactly what they promise to do when you click them, a few of them have alternate personalities. These buttons perform a different task when you hold the Shift key when clicking on them. Here are the buttons that change behaviour and what they change to do:
Shift + Open becomes Save As
Shift + Save becomes Open
Shift + Print becomes Print Preview
Shift + Print Preview becomes Print
Shift + Sort Ascending becomes Sort Descending
Shift + Sort Descending becomes Sort Ascending
Shift + Underline becomes Double Underline
Shift + Double Underline becomes Underline
In theory, at least, if toolbar space is at a premium, you could remove one of each pair of buttons and use one button for two tasks.

TLAs for SMEs

Here are this newsletter's TLAs for you;
  • EBIT, Earnings Before Interest & Tax. Accounting term
  • RBTL, Read Between The Lines. An acronym used in online chat, e-mail, and newsgroup postings

Please feel free to email me with any TLAs that you want to get the bottom (meaning!) of.

Short+Hot Keys... and now tips
Today we have a couple of brilliant tips for navigating in multiple page Excel spreadsheets with Ctrl;
  • Excel    Move to next worksheet Ctrl + Page Down
  • Excel    Move to previous worksheet Ctrl + Page Up
  • Excel    View all formulas in an active worksheet Ctrl + ~ (tilde)  

Hot Linx
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