Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Shame, Adidas!

Gouging, anyone? Adidas, sponsors of the All Blacks, has been supplying facsimile All Black jerseys to NZ retail chains; at a cost price higher than the shirt is being sold at retail elsewhere in the world. Adidas claims that this is to "recoup R&D on the All Black jersey"... but they don't sell real player jerseys. While the cut is the same, the fabric is different, so as to keep the technological advantage.
Further, why should Adidas penalise Kiwi rugby fans for the R&D that is part of Adidas' commercial sponsorship contract with the ABs? Why should Americans be able to buy the shirts for under half the NZ retail price ($90 vs $220)? 
So, shame, Adidas. You are sponsors entrusted with stewardship of a huge Kiwi icon. Don't give us bumpf about Kiwis needing to share your R&D cost for the jersey unless you want to sell us the real one (Yeah, right). Stop gouging, and remember that the ABs fans are part of the package that you sponsor; without the fans, the AB brand value will erode. 


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