Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Motivational Cooking Advice

Following on the motivation theme, while laying a thick layer of newspapers in the bottom of a raised herb garden as weed matting, I noticed an unread Dominion Post Magazine from October 22. Peta Mathias had given her usual tongue-in-cheek advice to a reader who wanted to know how he could make some 'fast food' (ie, food he could prepare quickly) as often neither he nor his girlfriend could be bothered cooking.

I felt that Peta's reply was amusing enough to share with you all.

"The secret to fast food at home is to have lots of ingredients already in the kitchen - like peas, fish and pesto in the freezer; tinned tuna, sardines and ready-made curry pastes in the pantry; salami, butter and parmesan cheese in the fridge. If you've got dried pasta, olive oil and red wine, you've got a meal.

"Here's what you do: first drink a glass of wine while you're getting the other ingredients together. Next, look at the pasta and decide you can't be bothered cooking it. Next, take the olive oil, spread it all over your girlfriend, then lick it all off again. This is a very nutritious meal, satisfies two people and you will never complain about being unmotivated again

Reference: Mathias, Peta (22 October 2011). Your Weekend Magazine. NZ: Dominion Post (p. 5)

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