Friday, 31 May 2013

Happiness is...

Apparently, how we can be happier is to spend less time driving to and from work, AND less time working, AND more time in 'intimate relations'.

Christian Kroll (Jacobs University, Germany) and Sebastian Pokutta (Georgia Tech, USA) analysed a swag of surveys, and while allowing that certain activities appeal only because of their rarity, they found that a day organised for maximum happiness would include the following:
  • 106 minutes of intimate relations
  • 82 minutes of socializing
  • 78 minutes of relaxing
  • 75 minutes of eating
  • 73 minutes of praying or meditating
  • 68 minutes of exercising
  • 57 minutes of phone conversations
  • 56 minutes of shopping
  • 55 minutes of watching TV
  • 50 minutes of preparing food
  • 48 minutes of computer use
  • 47 minutes of housework
  • 46 minutes of napping
  • 46 minutes of child-care
  • 36 minutes of work
  • 33 minutes of commuting.
  • Totalling 16 hours (presumably we spend the other 8 hours sleeping)

  • Kroll, Christian & Pokutta, Sebastian (2013). Just a perfect day? Developing a happiness optimised day schedule. Journal of Economic Psychology, February 2013, Volume 34 (pp. 210-217).
  • Harvard (1 April 2013). The Daily Stat: For Greater Happiness, Spend Less Time Working and Commuting. USA: Author [Personal Email]. Online at


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