Friday, 14 August 2015

UK Careers Strategy

The "London Ambitions Careers Offer" is an idea born of the London Enterprise Panel (LEP), the London Councils and the Greater London Authority (GLA), and was launched in June 2015, supported by EU funding from the European Social Fund (ESF).

Boris Johnson notes in the introduction of the London Ambitions report, that a quarter of today's late teen Londoners are need as London’s business engine to ensure continued prosperity, but that the city's youth employment rate is below the average rate. The London Councils are worried that the city is "missing out on golden opportunities".

The London Ambitions group thinks that a key aspect in solving this is to develop "a career
offer" that fits the needs of diverse Londoners, diverse schools, diverse educational approaches and diverse audiences. London Ambitions are bringing students, teachers and businesses together to solve skills shortages and build employment strategies, alongside the councils which govern their areas.

The strategy reminds me of Dale Williams and the NZ Mayoral Taskforce for Jobs (2013), but that in no way reduces the value and the potential impact that this initiative has.

Go London!