Monday, 1 February 2016

Micro-action planning

Many PhD scholars try to create large periods of time to work in, but, as most of us don’t plan that well, and scholars often have far too much to do, that required free time simply does not materialise.

So a good strategy for when we know that there will not be large periods of time to get our research done in is to do micro-projects each day.

Firstly we need to take the time to create a thorough research project management plan, chunking tasks down into small and complete-able actions which will only take five to ten minutes each.

While this require us to do some pretty in-depth planning, making a list of micro-tasks which we can complete each day will help to keep us connected to our research and ensure that we continue to make incremental progress.

With these tasks being so small, they can be completed any time that we find ourselves with five minutes to spare.


  • Reference: Jain, Dr. Rachna (n.d.). Do a little each day. Retrieved 30 December 2015 from

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