Friday, 2 December 2016

MGT737 Course Materials

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the early starters group!

To make the most of your headstart, work through the following items to get your head around how the course will run, what is expected of you and how you can support your learning.

This will take you a couple of hours or so, but careful consideration of what you need to do and when you will plan to do it will pay dividends.
Step 1 - Find out what is expected of you Read the Course Outline for an overview of the course. This is a really important document as it lays out the structure, assessments and general guidelines for your research project. Then read Tasks matched to Learning Outcomes.This shows you roughly how you will need to plan your time.
Step 2 - Find out about the assessments Diarise the assessments from your Course Outline, and view the Research Project Flowchart here in order to understand the research tasks and timing you will need to keep to in order to complete the course.
The Course Calendar is a great resource for you to print off and put on your study wall or fridge. Then you will be able to mark off the weeks and see when assessments are due.
Step 3 - Plan your time Start writing up a plan for the entire semester. A draft plan template is available here. I have found that the students who plan their entire research project in detail have far fewer problems than those who don't. Remember that you are management students: planning is a key tool for monitoring how we are getting things done... and ensuring the slips get picked up.
Step 4 - Get involved in the Facebook group Read the articles on the Facebook group. Make connections with the other students who are in the group, and start asking questions of each other.
Step 5 – Other Resources Get the course textbook for this course (A. J. Veal - Business Research Methods). AbeBooks has it for sale here.
Step 6 -  Make sure you know how to use Moodle (NMIT Online) Once you have Moodle access, make sure you update your online Moodle profile, and checked your default email address. Take a tour of the MGT736 Moodle site so you can be sure that you feel comfortable finding your way around this course and using the tools.
Step 7 - Find out who I am Also, once you have Moodle access, check out the details in the right-hand sidebar and my NMIT Profile to find out who your lecturer is (that's me!).
Step 8 - Get started! Get into it! Check out the sub-topics on the Home tab, then segue over to the 1. Planning tab and look at what else you need to complete for your first week.
There will be some follow up posts detailing what you need to tackle to get to your research question.


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