Monday, 6 February 2017

Making a panorama video, part 2

Following up from my blog post last year about animating panoramic images, I tried downloading a few pieces of software, and Google photos.

Google photos will animate selected single images (or automatically animate similar images) into a video file. However, I was unable to find a way to have Google images pan across a single image

Cinepan (at didn't seem to work well for me.

However, I got a comment from Luc Baert, who kindly recommended that I try WPanorama.

Taking Luc's recommendation, I downloaded the WPanorama freeware in beta from, extracted the files, installed and ran it, creating several panoramas using the Capture | Make move (.avi)... menu.

This software is so easy to use, seems to turn out good results, and does exactly what is says on the tin: make a panning video from a panoramic image that fills the entire screen in 1080 on a Windows PC. Just like that.



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