Friday, 3 March 2017

PaintShop Pro save as file type

I still use a very old piece of kit for working with images, called PaintShop Pro 9. The last update was in something like 2003.

However, it works.

There has just been one niggle that I have had, and I FINALLY got around to solving it recently. Each time I 'save as' on an image, the programme defaults to a 'psp' file, which is a format that I don't use.

I wanted to know how to always save as a jpg.

And now I know how.

Go to File | Preferences | General Program Preferences | Display andCaching | select "Re-use last type in file save-as dialog".

Once you tick that, when you save the next file as a jpg, the programme will remember. Who knew it was SO easy.

So much time wasted in changing file types for so long!

  • NB: If you are using PaintShop Pro 7, the path is File | Preferences | General Program Preferences | Dialogs and Palettes | select "Remember last type used in file save-as dialog"


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