Monday, 20 March 2017

Turning off FB Auto-posting Apps

If you are like me, then you will use Facebook for private family & friends connection.

Recently I had a "Who was I in a past life" quiz come up on my feed. I had not signed up for this quiz, nor had I had any activity on my page for half a day. The quiz appeared to have been auto-posted on my feed by an app called 'Impossible Square'.

I did a little digging, and surprisingly found it rather hard to work out what was happening. The Facebook help files were not helpful.

Firstly I changed who was able to view the post to 'only me' (right click at the top right of the post to do that). I did that so that I still had the post - and the name - to refer to if it reappeared later.

Then, to stop any further posts appearing from the 'Impossible Square' app, I simply went to on my feed, and unticked the offending application (and a few other applications) that I could see there.

I think that should be job done.


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