Monday, 19 June 2017

Two Free Online Resume Tools

I posted a question on the CDANZ LinkedIn group in July of last year, asking: "Anyone tried JobTabs Free Resume Builder?". I was wondering if anyone had had a crack at downloading and using this freeware to put a CV together (as opposed to a resume, which is what it was designed to construct).

However, no one had used the software, and although the ads said it was free, it appears to require an account, and payment for anything past the most rudimentary of layouts <sigh>. If anyone is interested in giving it a try, JobTabs is downloadable here.

So I went looking for some REALLY free software. I came across many, many sites, but most were only offering a free trial (some as short as 14 days), or a VERY pedestrian layout for a single free version, or you couldn't export to a pdf (or only to a watermarked pdf), or that any add-on layouts and options were hidden behind a paywall.

However, I did find two options which appear to be genuinely free.

They are both free CV builders: A1 Free Resume Builder and Slash CV. Slash CV has a much nicer user interface than AI Free Resume Builder. Both are in beta, so expect them to be a little buggy from time to time.

But it is nice to think that there is some freeware out there which can provide our career development clients some structure to start their CV construction.



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  1. Sunaina advises that works well. However, please note that this only provides a 14 day trial, then asks for payment.


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