Monday, 28 August 2017

LinkedIn Messages that won't go away

I use LinkedIn - though less than I used to - and I am a manager for two groups. One of the many things that has reduced LinkedIn's functionality for me is the presence of 'ghost' messages.

These ghost messages have fallen into three categories: unread private 'inmail' messages, applications to join a group I am managing, and items on my moderation list for a group I am managing. I have tried LinkedIn's help service without success. The following ideas may help you though, if you have one of these issues.
  1. From time to time I have had an unread message in my message list that simply WILL not go away. Chances are, buried deep, you will have a 'sponsored' message (spam) that you didn't know about. Solution: select ALL messages in your inmail list. Click 'unread'. Then click 'read'. Your problem may go away without trawling deep, deep down to that one unread annoyance.
  2. As a group manager, I get a list of people wanting to join the groups I manage, at the top of each group activity notifier email. When I go in to the group management area, there is no one showing on the list. I usually check with the other managers, and find that either someone else has already beaten me to adding that person, OR the person applying for membership is someone I have blocked: because I have blocked them, I cannot see them. I then ask one of the other managers to make the decision, and explain why I can't.
  3. As a group manager, I get a list of posts which need moderation for the groups I manage. Again, I check with the other managers, and usually find that the post is my OWN that has been put in the naughty box (due to LinkedIn's algorithm - read more about that here) or that the post belongs to someone I have blocked. One of the other managers is usually able to sort this out on my behalf with a quick email. 
Hope these help reduce the frustration with LinkedIn's rather unhelpful approach to 'help'. 


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