Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Driscoll and Reflection

I have recently being doing a FutureLearn course called "Discovering Your PhD Potential" (here). As part of that course, we were asked to find a method to undertake regular reflection during the course.

Due to my career practice, and as an educator, I am familiar with reflection as a tool for processing and self-improvement. There are a number of theories I like, but Driscoll's "What", "Now What", and "So What" (2007) is probably the easiest of them to digest (this model I once thought was the property of Rolfe et al, but some research led me to discover that the 'creator' is a bit contested between the UK-based Driscoll and the US-based Borton). 

I have written about it how to use this in the past, but it is worth recapping. Driscoll's method can be viewed in the video below:

For my daily written reflection, I currently use 750words ( to write daily 'morning words'. It works very well; you can decide if you want to make your writing public or private, and whatever you write is downloadable. I download monthly, and compile my writing into a Word doc. I am currently a few thousand words over three quarters of a million words (it is surprising how quickly those words have mounted up). 

The founders - Buster and Kellianne - run the 750words site with very low membership fees. When you join, you get 30 days free and then the cost is $5 per month. I paid for a lifetime membership and have been using this site for almost two years, writing almost daily (98% hit rate).

I still enjoy it, and it helps me think about the what, the now what, and the so what of my writing.



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