Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Soundless Audiobooks

Now, how about this for a contradiction in terms: soundless audiobooks. It is an interesting problem to have!

I recently downloaded a couple of audiobooks from audible, and transferred them to my iPod. I went to play the books, to find that - although the book had every appearance of playing - there was no sound. I checked that other books played with sound: they did. OK, so something wrong with my latest downloads. Should be simple. Just delete, re-download, re-synchronise... ah. Same problem.

Feeling cold clench of fear: eeek! I might have to trade in my iPod! Granted, it is extremely venerable. It is an iPod 5th generation - the little square model with the clip on the back. I love it because it is tiny and light. It doesn't do wi-fi or bluetooth, but it keeps going and going and going... and I don't want to have to get a new one!

OK, deal with it later. Read/listen other books for a while. Then return when I have five minutes to spare. First step: delete already downloaded files, re-download, re-synchronise... nope, still the same problem.

Google search: "new downloads play but no sound on ipod". Great: a post from Apple. Oh. "Talk to Audible". Dammit! Go to help on Audible and repeat search. Result! "What should I do if my audiobook downloaded in format 4 does not play correctly on my MP3 player?"

OK: the solution is remarkably simple. Go to your library page. At the top of the page, there is an "Audio Quality" dropdown box (see image on this post). Chances are your quality has been changed from "Enhanced" (which plays) to Format 4 (which doesn't). Change it back to Enhanced.

Re-download. Transfer. Listen <sigh>

Satisfaction. Job done.



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