Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Removing LinkedIn "Imported Contacts"

If you, like me, have found a wall of private contacts sitting on LinkedIn, apparently just dying to be asked to connect with you on LI, what we may be seeing is our mined phone contacts. 

I got thoroughly sick of seeing a vast list of people whom I might like to connect with, mainly because I wasn't sure if LI was spamming all those people with connect requests from me. I didn't want to be that spammy person, so I found out how to delete the list, and how to prevent the list regenerating (at least until Microsoft change the rules again, anyway).

What you need to do is to - thanks to LI Help being helpful for once - is to:
  1. Log in to LI
  2. Click on the My Network icon on the LinkedIn header bar.
  3. On the left-hand side of the page, below your number of connections (ie, 1370 Your connections) click the tiny hyperlink, See all.
  4. In the Connections page, click the tiny link, Manage synced and imported contacts, on the top right of the page.
  5. On the Manage synced and imported contacts page, click the Imported tab at the top of the page and select all the contacts listed. Select delete.
  6. Click the Delete selected button near the bottom of the page. We will get a warning message asking if we want to delete all: don't worry, people we are already connected with will not be deleted. Click YES.
  7. Check on the right-hand side that we have not given permission for LinkedIn to have access to any of our contacts list (see that, once deleted, the page looks like mine above).
Then we are done.


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