Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Reset end of active Excel sheet

Spreadsheets are one of the organising tools I use, for my lecturing, for my projects, and for my study. A spreadsheet that I use as a log had been accidentally formatted down to row 2,100, so whenever I used the hotkeys Ctrl and End (which I do constantly), it would take me well past the end of my actual, entered data.

I was sure that Excel would have a way to reset the actual end of a spreadsheet, so I had Google with a search of "How to reset end of active document in Excel for Ctrl end". amazingly enough, that search was good enough to get me a couple of what looked like good answers.

However, when I applied both answers (Microsoft Support, 8 January 2017, n.d.), neither worked. After a short play, I realised that we have to clean, then delete the rows or columns. There is a missing last step.

So my process for resetting the Ctrl & End point on a spreadsheet is:
  • Click on the first "blank" cell of the first row we want to delete
  • Key Shift, Ctrl & End (together) to take us to the last row we want to delete
  • On the Home ribbon, go to the "Editing" area, click the down arrow beside "Clear", and select "clear all"
  • Highlight all rows from the last row we want to delete back to the first row, and on the Home ribbon, go to the "Cells" area, and click the "delete" button.
If we key Ctrl & End on our spreadsheet now, it should take us to our last active row. We simply replace the row part of the instructions with column if we have columns we want to get rid of.

Now I can Ctrl & End without difficulty once more.



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