Monday, 18 June 2018

Creating a 'Save As' name for Word templates

I had a brand new template which kept saving as "Sam Young" when I wanted it to save as "Young - Research Proposal Draft [number]", because the first paragraph in the file was my name (on the title page). Apparently Word's second-level default naming schema is to create a title from the first paragraph of of our document. 

I thought that there must be a simpler way... so I went looking, and guess what I found?

All we have to do is to open the Advanced Properties in our Word template, then load whatever we want to lead off our title. Word's preferred file name is picked up from the title field. No more obscure "19 April 2018" will appear on my letters, ever again. Who would have known that a solution would be so incredibly, mind-bogglingly easy?

Thanks to Laurie Kaufman for this great tip.


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