Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The IT myths we still believe

Reported by TechRepublic, a survey by found that computer users in the USA hold onto some outdated ideas about technology, including that Apple computers and iPhones don't get viruses (false), that cameras with higher megapixels take better pictures (false), that leaving your phone on charge overnight will kill the battery (false), and that PCs need to be turned off each night (false). People also thought that X-ray scans at the airport could wipe their HDD data (also false). Funnily enough, while I knew that a powerful magnet could damage credit cards, and high intensity X-rays could fog film, I had never heard that X-rays could affect digital data (which, of course, it can't).

However, another myth which the survey by found was that users believed older models of smartphones are throttled back when newer models were released. This finding intrigued me as it was reported as false, yet was found to be actual anti-competitive practices by the Italian judiciary in 2018, against Samsung and Apple (Gibbs, 24 October 2018). So 'the people' are actually right in this instance, and the surveyors are incorrect. Not all popular beliefs are incorrect, and the evidence was there to prove it in this case.

So: don't worry about leaving your phone on the charge pad. Leave your PC on at night if you are in the midst of doing something and aren't worried about the power consumption. Check the camera specs, lens quality and reviews rather rely on megapixels for image values, and if you are an Apple user, ensure you set up and regularly review your antivirus and malware systems.

And don't worry about airport X-ray machines.



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