Friday, 7 June 2019

Career Crisis Card Sort

Last year I was in Amsterdam, and happened across a book shop & cafe called "The School of Life".  There I found a number of card sorts and other tools which I thought might be useful for my career practice (and the coffee was good too!).

I purchased a card sort, called the "Career Crisis Prompt Cards", which contained 60 cards designed to help the user consider elements of a career transition, or, in the words of The School of Life, "to unblock career crises and free up our thinking around work - setting us on a path to a job that will tap into the best parts of us".

I have some reservations about some of the cards, as the statements are unsafe from a career development point of view. For example, facing a Pasifika client with the card "A palliative nurse described one of the major regrets of the dying as the wish that they’d had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expected of them" would be culturally inappropriate.

I will remove probably a dozen of the cards. Some of them will spark ideas for replacement text which I may sticker, or get new cards to replace those I have removed.

The way I thought I would use the cards would be to have clients select those cards which they had a reaction to, then to rank, prioritise or group them in a way that was meaningful to them.

The School of Life suggested some further ways the cards could be used, including: 
  • Use the cards reflect on which parts of your current job you find least appealing and which jobs you have found most rewarding.
  • Post a card to a friend experiencing doubts about their chosen path.
  • Keep a card in your wallet to remind you to be brave in seeking out a new direction in life.
They should be an interesting tool to trial, once they have been appropriately curated. 


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