Monday, 10 June 2019

Scanning receipts

If we are aiming for a paperless office (as I am) then something that will scan and turn screens into pdfs, or receipts into pdfs is a great idea. The Microsoft Office Lens app lets us do just that: to capture and process an image of any receipt, whiteboard, card, screen, note or what-ever-takes-our-fancy on our phone. 

The best thing is it is so easy peasy to use. Install "Microsoft Office Lens". The first time you open it, you will be asked to give it permissions over your still images and video recordings. Tick yes, then take an image of your first tiem.

You can save as images, as pdfs, as a ppt, or as OneNote (I don't know yet if I will prefer pdfs or jpgs on my phone, so am saving them both ways at the moment, until I decide). 

All you have to do is to point and click, pretty much. You will get a red outline for whatever it is that you are focusing on, so shift the phone around until the border frames your item. Take the pic. 

We can modify by pinching the image to zoom in or out; we can crop using the crop icon; rotate; put text on the image too. We can change the file name on the export screen, and save as pretty much anything we like, and once saved, we can share from Office Lens. We can sign into our Microsoft account (one of the reasons why I am thinking that perhaps I may only use images when scanning, is because they will go straight to Google Photos and then I am not signed into Microsoft on my phone).

This is a good wee piece of kit. Give it a try.


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