Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Access Relationship view problem

Since my upgrade to Windows 10 and Office 2016, I have had a problem with the relationship view in Access. Nearly all my relationship tables were clustered over each other at the top of page, and I was unable to scroll upward to view them. I tried to find a solution many times, but got stuck in not finding a solution, and pretty much gave up. I didn't need a solution badly enough to push through.

Then I needed to change the character value of a primary key which was linked to other tables, and HAD to be able to view the relationships so I could remove the relationships in order to make that change (and then to reinstate them once the change was made).

If only I had pushed on earlier. The fix was surprisingly easy, using two Access functions which I had never previously used. All I needed to do was to click the "Clear Layout" button in the Relationship view. All my database relationships disappear (at this point I was mentally shrieking "Eeeeeek!". Then I simply had to click the "All Relationships button. This put all the database relationships back in a stacked order. It is not well organised, but it is visible.



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