Friday, 4 October 2019

Change a fitbit step goal

I don't know about you, but I have been using a fitbit for quite a while now. I first got one and tried it for a while - trying not to modify my behaviour while wearing initially wearing it - then was horrified to realise that I was averaging out at only 6,000 steps a day. Even though I walked my - then - elderly dogs every day, I realised that my walks were growing shorter out of respect for the venerable age of my dogs, and I wasn't doing much else to keep active.

I worked my way up to 10,000 steps a day over a few months, then, once my weekly averages started hitting 11,000 steps a day, set that mentally as my new goal. Then 12,000, now 13,000, and about to move to 14,000 per day. However, I have not been able to reset the flaming daily goal on my fitbit itself.

Every now and again I would get inspired to try and find out how to reset my daily goal. Several times I thought I had at last succeeded! Ah, only to be disappointed when the daily goal came around, once more telling me that I had surpassed my daily goal by 3,500 steps.

However, recently I tried again, and found a post which detailed how to set your own goals. I tried the instructions, and they did not work (of course). But immediately below the instructions was a throw-away phrase from another user, josephz2va, who said "Note that it doesn't always work and you have to do it by the phone itself. Click on the ID card on the top right, then "Activity", and change the steps quantity there.".

"What is this alchemy?!" I thought, while rushing off into my phone settings, to find that indeed, going to Accounts | Activity | Steps, and changing the number of steps worked perfectly! Oh the bliss! My fitbit was now showing that I had not yet reached my daily goal, at 11,385 steps!

Perfect. At last.


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