Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Viewing Audible pre-orders

There are a few things on Audible which are hard to find. That means - from a user perspective - they are not well designed. One of those 'hard to find' things I find is the ability to view my pre-ordered books.

Every time I go to look for my pre-orders, I cannot find them. I look in my library: they are not there. I look in my wish-list: they are not there either. Then I have to Google - again - "how do I find my Audible Pre-orders?".

For some strange reason, Audible lists our pre-orders separately from our library - and our wish list - before they are released. I have no idea why Audible would make it so hard for us to find out what we have got on pre-order, but obviously ours is not to reason why. Ours is to repeatedly go and Google 'how...'.

So. What we need to do is to log in. Then hover our mouse over our account name which appears at the top right-ish hand side of the Audible page, and - when the drop-down menu appears - click My Pre-Orders.

We will be asked to log in (again). Once we have done that, we will see our pre-ordered audiobooks.

We can cancel our pre-orders here, or keep an eye on when they are due to be released. 


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