Monday, 11 November 2019

Embedding Gdrive video

Recently I went to embed some video - hosted on my Google drive - on a webpage. I know how to do this, as I've done it many times. However I kept getting an error message: " refused to connect".

I had done all the usual things, going into my Google drive, right-clicking on my video, selecting "Get shareable link" from the pop-up menu, clicking on the "sharing settings" link at the bottom of the dialogue box, selecting "More" the bottom of the next page, and ensuring that "On - anyone with the link" is ticked. But it did not work.

So I went looking, and found that someone else had the same problem, earlier this year. The link that Google now generates is missing three very important letters: "pre". Where once the Gdrive would auto-generate the format:[fileID]/preview?usp=sharing
Now it generated:[fileID]/view?usp=sharing
...and no longer worked. So all I needed to do was to autogenerate the link as usual, paste it where I needed it. then to manually edit it to add "pre" back in.

Working once more :-)


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