Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Adobe's content preparation message

Earlier this year I had a stealth update from Adobe which created a really annoying problem. On opening a pdf file, a "Content Preparation Progress" box would appear, which would lock me out of the file until it had finished 'processing'. As soon as I made another change to the file, or went to the next page, it would appear again.

Not a terribly productive thing to have happening.

One user worked around this by simply opening all pdf files in Chrome, which worked perfectly for viewing files. Unfortunately, this fabulous solution did not work for files which needed editing.

There were three other solutions proposed:
1. Go to Edit | Preferences | Accessibility
2. Under Other Accesibility Options, untick "Enable assistive                    technology support".
3. Click OK (Adobe Support Community, 1 February 2019).

1. Start AdobeUpdater.exe in ...\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\      Updater 5
2. In the update screen, click Preferences |  untick Automatically            Check for updates
3. click OK (Adobe, 17 December 2015).

1. Go to Edit | Preferences | Reading.
2. Under Screen Reader Options, select "Only read the currently              visible pages"
3. Click OK (Adobe, 22 March 2016).
Each of these three solutions seemed to help some people, which I guess depended on which version of Adobe Acrobat you had (I am running Acrobat 2017).

After about 24 hours, however, I found that the problem simply disappeared. I assume that Adobe tracked down the problem and stealth installed a patch.



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