Monday, 9 December 2019

Downloading shared Gdrive files

If you have had a document shared with you, but are frustratingly unable to download it, then this is the fix for you.

Google drive and docs are great for sharing materials with others, but sometimes we forget to tick the buttons that enable others to actually download the file. Viewing content can be particularly difficult on a phone, or on a mini tablet, and when someone has gone to all the trouble of sharing their file with us, it feels like we are being nagging ninnies by going back and saying "but I can't download the file".

However, there is a VERY easy fix. We can simply change the suffix of the link we have been sent. If we open the link, then replace the end of the original link (for example):
Once we have done that, refresh the screen. In the new view, we need only go down to the settings (gear) icon at the bottom of the browser window, and select "More". From there, select the download formats available.

Too, too easy.

  • Reference: Norris-Karr, R. Z. J. (2017). Comment on How to download View only Google Sheet - easyway16: Or you can replace '/edit#gid=' with '/preview?usp=embed_googleplus' a the end of the link. Retrieved from

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