Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Scaling images in MailChimp

For those of us who use MailChimp to send emailers, this platform can either make things incredibly easy, or screamingly, frustratingly, mind-bogglingly difficult.

I needed to resize an emailer image recently, but I didn't want to leave the image the same actual size, as - having fallen into the downsizing trap previously - the image would be too poor in quality. I wanted to keep the quality, but scale the dimensions.

I checked out how to do it, but - when I went to do scale the image - the flaming image WOULD NOT resize. I must have tried to resize the image twenty times. Each time, my changes would not stick. I re-read the help files. I looked up the trouble-shooting files. I Googled. I watched YouTube videos. I deleted the image, and re-imported it. It would not work. GrrrraaaarrrGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then I watched yet another video and found there were two ways to resize images. I had been using one, yet there was another way, using the Content Studio (which I had not realised was really a thing until that point, although I had realised that this bucket of images did exist). When we click on the image we want to scale, a wee pop up button shows above our uploaded images, saying "View Details". Click on that, and we see all the versions of this particular image that we have uploaded. We can then click "edit image" which will take us to the same MailChimp editing software that we got by trying to edit the image within the mailer itself.

Then we can manually adjust either the height or the width dimension (while ensuring that the "lock dimensions" box is ticked).

Then save. We are done, our changes should stick, and we can then go back and import the image of the size that we are wanting into our mailer.



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