Monday, 24 February 2020

Adding a page of comments into an Adobe pdf

I recently had to supply some feedback on a pdf form, and was SURE there was a way to write a page of commentary in another programme, copy it, and then make a new page in the pdf with that text on it. I did a few searches: can I paste my own text as a new page in a pdf; how do I add a NEW page of my own text to a pdf; how do I add a page of my own text to a pdf. I found absolutely nothing online.

There is a way to do this, but it is not quite as straightforward as I would have expected. Firstly I had to open the pdf I wanted to insert the text into. 

Then I had to select and copy the text that I wanted to insert as a new page. Then I had to go to the "Add Files" command, which is on the Combine Files menu, then select "From Clipboard". From there I had to say where in the document I wanted to insert the text. Then "OK", and I was done.

A small caveat: if we are inserting text from a Word document where we may be adding sections with numbering, Adobe will automatically restart the numbering in each section when we paste it across. We are better to format the paragraphs in Word and number manually.

Have fun!


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