Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Finding the name of your YouTube Channel

I was looking for a video that I had uploaded to YouTube the other day, and tried to do a search on just my own channel. I felt that it should have been quite easy - like going to our own channel, and simply doing a search of just our pages. Except that doesn't appear to be a searchable option.

I tried several Google searches - all in vain. I have struck YouTube being pretty rough in the search department in the past - why is that, when it is owned by Google? It doesn't make sense - but this seemed odd in the extreme.

Then I found a post which told me to simply enter my channel name. OK. So what is my channel name and URL? It didn't show in my sidebar. I didn't appear to be able to see it on my YouTube account profile. Why would it be so difficult to find my own channel home page?

Anyway, there was a Google post on how to do that, at least (Support at Google, 2020). Simply open YouTube and ensure you are logged in. Open a new window to There you will find your user and channel IDs.

But I still need to find out how to search my channel, and my channel alone. That will be the next post.



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