Monday, 25 May 2020

Outlook Web App cannot delay delivery

For a while I have been meaning to find out how I can schedule emails on the Outlook web app to send later, and during the Covid-19 lockdown I finally decided to dig in and find out how to do this.

I did a search online for "delay delivery in outlook web app". I found some instructions to delay delivery online, but was unable to completely apply the instructions, as a key element, "More Options", did not appear to be available in the web Outlook client (uis371, 23 May 2011). So I moderated my search to "delay delivery in outlook web app, don't have more options", and got some very interesting results.

The first (Microsoft Community, 28 April 2020) was from a Microsoft moderator, Seven Zhou, who explained that this feature is not 'feasible' in the "Outlook Web App since delay delivery is an Outlook client feature". Hmm. I wondered why it wasn't 'feasible'. Perhaps Microsoft just couldn't be arsed coding it for online use? Did they want to keep making money from differentiating the client? But perhaps I am being unfair. It is probably much more complicated than that. 

However, Seven Zhou went on to point the user to the Microsoft Voice page, to request the feature to be added. Seven said "your ideas will help us to make our product and features better for you" (Microsoft Community, 28 April 2020).

This was the second useful result. I thought this was good advice, and, as Seven had provided a link, I went and voted for this feature to be added. You can too, here (Microsoft Voice, n.d.). 

Perhaps one day we will have the same functionality across both on and offline versions of Outlook. 



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