Friday, 15 May 2020

Pushing back ignorance, one fact at a time

Gapminder is a "fact tank" founded by Hans Rosling, who was the Swedish population scientist/epidemiologist up until his death two years ago, along with his son, Ola Rosling, and daughter in law, Anna Rosling Rönnlund (Gapminder, 2020a; Wikiprogress, 2020). Ole Rosling created the 'Trendalyser' software used in the early Gapminder videos, which was purchased by Google in 2007 (Wikiprogress, 2020).

Gapminder's mission is - more or less - to lower the level of global ignorance through providing free and easy to understand statistical graphics. They say "The mission of Gapminder Foundation is to fight devastating ignorance with a fact-based worldview that everyone can understand" (Gapminder, 2020b). An example of their graphical work can be seen here, showing a comparison of income and life expectancy by class since 1800 (Gapminder, 2020c).

Since Hans's death, Ole and Anna are carrying on the fact-finding work. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supports them, along with a number of Scandinavian families (Gapminder, 2020a). Both Ola and Anna have produced videos during Covid-19 to help push back ignorance, a few facts at a time (Gapminder Foundation, 1 May 2020, 25 April 2020):

Pushing back ignorance, one fact at a time.



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