Friday, 5 June 2020

Still 750wording after all these years

I realised that I haven't mentioned my daily writing on for a while. I have written about this before here, but to recap, each day I write at least 750 words to empty my head before I start my working day. 

I might write about what I have to do; what I have done; what is troubling me; what I am planning; the start of blog posts; elements of articles; or fragments of all. Writing a diary never 'stuck' with me, but seems to, as - by the time this post goes live - I will written close to 3.5m words online since 2015. 

My writing is shared with no one: it is entirely for my own reflection, my thinking, my dissection of events. It helps ensure that I stay grateful for my opportunities, and learn from my mistakes.

The site creators, Kellianne and Buster, give people 30 days free to see if the site will work for them. After that, we can pay the price of a cup of coffee each month to stay a member. Again, if it 'sticks' for us, then we can contact Kellianne and pay for a lifetime account, which is what I did quite early on. 

Each month there is a one month challenge. We can sign up to write for a month without missing a day: pay a forfeit if we miss; or earn a cup of patronage if we make it. The cups of patronage build up over time, and can be used to vote for new site features, to write notes of inspiration, or to propose new features ourselves. 

I think five years has been a good test for me that - for me - this is very sticky daily writing indeed :-D


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