Wednesday, 7 October 2020

The History of the World

Ah: I am coming late to this party, but - just in case you haven't heard of this resource - Columbia University has a series of lectures freely available here on the history of the world. Dating from 2010, this series of 46 lectures is in two parts: the History of the World to 1500 CE; then History of the World Since 1500 CE. These are loaded onto YouTube as a lecture course (Columbia University, 2010).

Once you get past the American-centric views and internal education politics, the lectures are slow, but very interesting. The lecturer, Richard Bulliet talks us through (2010). He all too obviously knows his stuff in his unaccompanied talks. Having a copy of his co-authored book for the the History of the World to 1500 CE series will help to anchor us: create an Internet Archive account and borrow an old version from here; rent the 5th edition for USD$10 here (or rent a 7th edition for USD$35 here).

These lectures are supported by other materials, images, and books which we can find at the Open Culture here (2013).

And, speaking of open culture, have a look down the right-hand sidebar on the Open Culture page. You will see a staggering amount of famous people's lectures. A good place to browse for your next watch :-)



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