Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Low volume on Lenovo Yoga

I noticed that my Lenovo Yoga volume was VERY quiet recently, when viewing a YouTube video. So I went and did all the usual things: checked that the volume was up in YouTube, was up the web browser, and up in the control panel. Still quiet. 

So I updated the sound drivers using Lenovo Vantage. Still quiet. 

I checked that the sound drivers had actually updated by going into Control Panel | Device Manager | Sound, video and game controllers | [speaker brand] | Driver | Driver Details. Damn. It was up to date. Still quiet.

Time for a Google search. Aha: after a long trawl and many false leads telling me to do what I had already done, I found that this is a Windows 10 problem. We need to go to Control Panel | Sound | Communications. And under the options for "When Windows detects communication activity:" select "Do nothing" from the list.

Microsoft seems to detect ANY noise in the background - you know, like breathing, heart beats - as a requirement for sound reduction. Yet another example of big brother's care not doing what it was intended to do, and working against our interests instead of for us.

But solved.


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