Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Windows spotlight image local location

I recently posted about the location of Windows spotlight images, formerly known as the Windows splash screen images, have always been hard to 'locate' globally. However, they are also hard to locate on our devices, which is to be the topic of this post.

All we need to do is to open File Explorer, and navigate to C:\Windows\Web (or enter "C:\Windows\Web" in the Windows search bar). When the File Explorer window opens, underneath the Web folder we find three subfolders, including one called Wallpaper, and one called Screen. Under Wallpaper are a number of subfolders. There are 27 images - both *.jpg and *.png in my Web subfolders. 

If you are wanting to get copies of the images themselves, explore all the images to find the ones you are looking for, and save them to where you want them. If you are wanting to use your own images instead of the MS ones, have a go at replacing the existing images with the images you would like to see, using images of the same dimensions, and using the Microsoft names.

Have fun!



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