Monday, 7 June 2021

The dark arts of APA

Goodness. each semester I explain the arcane and dark arts of APA to new students. I don't know if I get better at explaining, or at providing insights, but I do try. In fact, I try an awful lot of things. I use a lot of tools, and gather resources from wherever I can.

One thing that I can do - though it takes a lot of time - is to create a table and to show the students what they have done, and what they should have done. I don't know if this really works either, but it does - strangely enough - make me feel better. I wonder why that is? Some frustrated sense of order, perhaps?

What I put together is pretty simple, to show the right order, date formats, italicising, author names, and so on:

One of these days, it would be good to do some research to find out just what actually works, and what doesn't!


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