Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Stepping through comments in MS Word

When reviewing student work, and providing feedback, I usually comment their scripts, using the comments 'bubbles'. I really like this as a way of showing improvements as I can make a comment on a phrase, a section, or an idea, and then show the student a better way. An explanation, rationale for change and the change all shown in the same place.

Using the comments function also means that I make no amendments to the student's original script. My notes are to the side of the student work. This too makes me comfortable. 

What I have not been able to do in the past was to forward through my own comments within the document. I had not even thought that this could be a thing. Except it is!

All we need to do is to have the Word document we want to check the comments on open, then:

  • F5 to open the Find and Replace box
  • On the "Go to" tab, in the "Go to what" drop down, select "Comment"
  • Click Next to tab through all the comments.
Too easy!


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