Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Why we need citations and references

While this is a topic I have explored a number of times (here), I am currently working with a new group of undergraduates, whom I am trying to find new metaphors to explain the rationale.

In New Zealand there is some level of competitive rivalry perceived between Aotearoa and Australia. Kiwis often move to Australia to gain traction in their careers, whereupon they are seen by Kiwis as being 'claimed' as Australians. An insurance company, NZI, created an ad campaign that explored this trope some years ago with the following advertisement (Phlashm4n, 2007).

As a result, I liken citing/referencing to that the strapline in the NZI ad - "everyone's always stealing your stuff" (Phlashm4n, 2007, 0:21) - so we need to show academic honesty by showing we are NOT stealing anyone's stuff. 

We can show we are not stealing anyone's stuff that by (a) using double quote marks around the actual words written by another; and by (b) using square brackets to show the reader where we made changes, shortenings, added clarifiers, or omitted non-essential information; and by (c) including an in text citation; which then (d) links to the reference we provide.

So in academia, we can show that "everyone's [not] always stealing your stuff" (Phlashm4n, 2007, 0:21) 😍 



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