Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Sports project data sources

The American Psychological Association regularly run webinars on style, referencing, data, and library services, which are then made public on their YouTube channel, CHOICE Media. 

I attended one such webinar last year, which - while slow to get started - shared some useful data information which might prove helpful to sports students seeking sports data. This information had been largely created by the University of Ohio's Head of User Services & Business Librarian, Chad Boeninger, who is also a believer in open source materials (CHOICE Media Channel, 2021).

The webinar video can be reviewed here (CHOICE Media Channel, 2021):

The following resources have been most generously shared by Dr Boeninger (CHOICE Media Channel, 2021):

  1. Chad's YouTube vlog at
  2. Ohio Library wizard for finding information at
  3. Sport business guides (including links to sport research) at
  4. Sports Sponsorship resources (and links to other guides), at
It is always so interesting to look at what other lecturers have put together. But being able to share what those lecturers have created with our own students is always icing on the cake.



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