Wednesday, 8 June 2022

Restless perfection

Have you heard the term 'restless perfection' before? What a GREAT term! This is where - through our personal drive and professionalism - we "seek[...] to match the restless perfection of systems in the natural world" (2004, from the book cover blurb). I think this is where we are always looking for the edge; where we are honing our craft; where we are seeking continuous improvement.

Restless perfection is a hard thing to keep going. But I think for those things that we have a vocation for, it is this drive for restless perfection which keeps us moving forward, trying just one more thing at 1am, when those who have a "meh" relationship with their work are tucked up in bed and sound asleep.

Restless perfection.

Love it.


  • Reference: Hensel, M., Menges, A., & Winestock, M. (2004). Emergence: Morphogenetic Design Strategies (1st ed.). Academy Press.

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