Saturday, 11 December 2010

Getting the Most out of Trade Shows

On the New Zealand branch of the Exhibitions & Events Association of Australasia, there are some very useful tips to remind us how to get the most out of going to exhibitions and trade shows. It is very easy to get caught up in the logistics of going, and forget about WHY you are going.

The EEAA website has some excellent little tips to remind us that we need to get the most bangs for our buck.
  1. Set specific goals: Companies who exhibit with clearly stated realistic objectives achieve results.
  2. Boldly state your business: Whether you're putting your stand together on a shoe-string or hiring a designer, do everything you can to create an eye-catching stand.
  3. People buy people: It's vital to have the right staff. They need to be knowledgeable, energetic and focused. They also need regular breaks.
  4. Entice visitors: Movement, entertainment, demonstrations, quirky giveaways all grab visitors' attention and give you the chance to engage with them.
  5. Collect contacts: Have a systematic approach to gathering contact details. Design a lead collection form so you can collect the specific information you require from visitors.
  6. Quantify outcomes: As with any marketing investment, you need to know if it delivered the right result. Measure the success of your objectives.
  7. Follow-up leads: Post-show activity is critical for securing future business. Contact your visitors, reinforce your offers made at the stand and convert these leads into clients.

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