Wednesday, 9 March 2011

LMA Characteristics of Good Managers

Leadership Management Australia has published their annual "Characteristics Of Good Managers" list, which is drawn from their Leadership, Employment and Direction Survey of more than 3,000 employees across Australia (86%) and New Zealand (14%). This survey is taken from the employee point of view.

This year, the following characteristics made up the top ten:
  1. Is trustworthy and open in approach (last year; 7)
  2. Clearly communicates where we are going (last year; 1)
  3. Gives me the "space" to do my work, but supports me (last year; 5)
  4. Listens to and respects my input into decisions (last year; 4)
  5. Gives regular and honest feedback on how I am going (last year; 2)
  6. Is fair and even handed/makes reasonable demands (last year; 3)
  7. Provides the resources I need to do my job (last year; =11)
  8. Recognises me for extra efforts/results (last year; 10)
  9. Coaches and develops me (last year; 9)
  10. Trusts me with challenging work (last year; 8)
An item that didn't make it from last year, at number 6, was "Supports me in the decisions I make". This year that came in at #11.

It is suspected that the change of the top item is a direct knock-on effect of the global financial crisis. Check it out at the source at


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