Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Customising Recent Files & Places

PC Magazine has published yet another handy MS Office 2010 tip. This time a "how to" on ensuring all files or places you use regularly are pinned to your application list, and a shortcut to opening the list itself.

You need to first activate the open file shortcuts in Office 2010. Enter the 'Backstage view' to do this (ie click the File button): File | Recent | Tick "Quickly access this number of recent [files]".

You may also want to change the number of recent files you want listed. Once done, you only need key Alt, then F (for the File menu), then the number your desired file is on your list - ie, 1 for the most recent, 2 for next most etc.

Also you can "pin" a file or folder so that it will always appear in your Recent Files list, even if you haven't opened it recently. The left side lists files, the right folders. Click the push pin to 'pin' them. You can remove files from your recent file list by right clicking over them and selected "Remove from list". Great for those files that you rename.

So easy!

Go to,3253,l=265741&a=265729&po=2,00.asp to view PC Mag's original article.

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