Friday, 11 October 2013

CV - paper vs efile vs profile

Here in New Zealand we very rarely print CVs out.

However, they still look like their paper cousins. They are prepared in Word, and either emailed in Word (or pdf) or posted online. There may or may not be an application form to be filled out in the application process. If there isn't, then an application letter is necessary.

For some industries, like advertising, web etc, a portfolio is required as well illustrating work samples, video, show and tells which may be on DVD, in hard copy or accessed online (or all three depending on the role).

I think, probably because we are a small market here in New Zealand, that things have remained the same for a while, and will be slower to change than the larger markets.

In saying that, LinkedIn is becoming the place of choice in NZ to screen potential candidates, to see how people really behave long term before you decide to get them into your workplace.

However, if you are a designer or someone who works in the webspace, Pinterest might be more useful for you, as you can set up boards which could show your experience in a range of areas (my Pinterest page is here). To get your LinkedIn profile up to scratch, check out
this LI guide to prepping your profile at!

I think that we will need to do both a profile online (LinkedIn) and an eCV for a while yet. However, at some point in the future though, my money is on LI superceding the CV, even here in Kiwiland... until LI is superceded by something else!
  • Reference:  LinkedIn (2013). Job Search Checklist. Retrieved 5 October 2013 from!


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