Monday, 6 January 2014

Video conversion .dv to .mp4

My family had some old super 8 films converted to digital format. Unfortunately, the person who did the conversion converted everything to '.dv' files; great if you want to watch on an Apple PC but lousy if you want to watch it on a PC, TV or your big screen.

So if any of you have ever had a problem with trying to convert from dv format to something useful - like mp4 - there is a simple, free conversion software solution.

Download Syncios for Windows from here. This software has worked perfectly with almost any format I have thrown at it, including .flv files.

However, it also transfers music formats and allows you to make ringtones. You can connect your phone or tablet and convert formats before transferring or backing up to your PC or laptop. A very clever piece of kit, and every easy to use.


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