Friday, 8 August 2014

Six More Tips for Easier Working

There are lots of things that make our lives easier, and they can come out of left field.

Since I wrote the earlier Six Tips post, I have had a bit of feedback from my network, that I will share with you, as these too are great tips!

They are:
    1. John Fitzwater pointed out if you get to a hotel and you lack a charging cable, check with the concierge. They have loads of cables in lost property, and you will probably be able find one to borrow.
    2. It is a good idea to regularly export your blog posts from time to time and save them in case of hacking. Blogger has a simple process: go to Settings > Other and click Export Blog. When the box opens enter the security-text, et voila! Your export file is downloaded to your PC. Save the file somewhere safe as part of your backup routine.
    3. Have a "to do" list/whiteboard/notebook/reminder, and put everything you need to get done on it. Cross things off when they are complete. Prioritise things on the list. Do "A's" first!
    4. In addition, Tom Peters suggests having a “to don’t” list. List/whiteboard/notebook all the things you won’t spend time doing (such as meetings, telemarketers, filing).
    5. Eric Barker suggest one of Dan Pink's ideas - that of having a notebook and pen on your desk which you take with you as you work, so you can capture ideas. By the same token, you could use Siri on your smartphone.
    6. Consider the Pareto principle (the 80/20 rule) and fire all-consuming, costly clients. If you have clients who eats all your time, and wear you - and your staff - down and seem to always quibble about the bill and end up costing you money every time they come near you, gently and politely let them go. Organisational culture and staff morale will improve, and you will find other clients. The "Phew" factor will be great.

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